There was this thread, I think on the LJ [Lokean] group, about there being so many godspouses.
It made me think about why They [Loki and Odin] take so many spouses and something Raven Kaldera wrote came to my mind. I think that was in the Jotunbok.
He wrote that the nine worlds drifted away from the humans’ world some centuries ago, leaving a void that was then filled by Christianity, and that now the worlds are beginning to draw back together.
So I think with all those spouses They just try to weave the worlds back together, to speed up that process.
I guess nothing does that better then love flowing back and forth between the worlds.


[Loki] once told me that “You can’t own something without being owned by it in return.”
Which sums it up perfectly for me: my being His makes Him mine, and vice versa.
In that light, it’s not about ownership–it’s about love, plain and simple.


About Amber Drake

AKA Darkamber.
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