Lesson #1


For my first lesson, Bridget wanted me to meditate on “The Fool” from the Tarot, since this is a new endeavour for me. She wanted me to visualise the card, then imagining stepping into it and talk to the Fool.I used the Fool card from the Thoth tarot, which I like because it has lots of symbolism in it. It doesn’t have a real background, though, so when I visualised stepping into the card, I imagined the lovely background from another Fool card, which Bridget had suggested.


The conversation in the meditation went something like this:

I walk up to the Fool, who is standing near the edge of the cliff, and we say “hi” to each other.
“So, you’re going on a journey, too, then?” I say to start a conversation.
“Yes! Isn’t it exciting!” the Fool answers. He’s so full of enthusiasm and optimism he’s almost bouncing on his feet.
“I think taking a new step into the unknown is a little scary,” I say.
“It’s not scary when you have protection,” the Fool says and smiles.
“Ah, true…”

We walk a little away from the edge and sit down in the grass. I take off the backpack I’m carrying, and put it in front of me. There’s a big and very tight know on it, so I can’t open it.
“What do you have in your backpack, then?” the Fool asks.
“I’m not sure. Skills, talents, things that may or may not be useful on the journey. I’m wondering, if they were ingredients that you put in a bowl, what would the result be? It could be anything from salt dough play doh to yummy marzipan.
Do you have any goal for your journey?”
“Nope. The road ahead isn’t just one straight road from here to there; there are many places where it divides. Who knows where I’ll end up. Who knows who I’ll meet along the way,” the Fool answers. He makes a sweeping gesture that includes everything we can see in front of us. “Isn’t it beautiful? Isn’t it grand? Who knows what’s behind the next mountain! Or the next! Or the next one! It’s going to be a great adventure!”
As he says the last sentence, his costume suddenly changes into a Peter Pan costume, with a bright red feather in the hat.
It makes me think about having a childlike sense of wonder, of joy, and of finding beauty in the little things.
And as I think about that, the Fool changes into Loki, looking like he does in the Magician card in the Giants’ tarot deck, with the bright red feather stuck into His hair.


I write down what happened in the visualisation, and send it to Bridget.
The next time we chat, she says: “Want to know a secret? You did astral work today. And you chatted with Loki.”
Mentally, I go: “ASDFJKL!!” *flail*

Loki and Bridget had managed to find a way to trick me into relaxing and making contact and chatting with Loki. LOL!
I was actually interacting with Him on some kind of demi plane.
We’ve been trying different ways of finding a way into my mind for Loki, and meditation visualisations seem to be doing the trick.


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