Surprise visit

Of all the things I hear and experience while in hypnagogia, there’s only one thing that scares me: the sound of footsteps coming closer and closer to my bedroom. I don’t know who or what might be making those sounds, or if it’s benevolent or malevolent.

This morning I heard footsteps again, and I panicked and forced myself fully awake. Then I thought: “Loki would protect me from anything really bad, wouldn’t’ He?” I relaxed and drowsed again.
Again I heard footsteps coming towards my bedroom door, but they sounded differently this time. Still too loud for a normal human to make, but the steps were uneven, the “step – drag” of someone with a crippled foot. I was scared, but decided to stick it out until I saw who or what was approaching.
The being was invisible until it had crossed the threshold into my bedroom. Then I saw it was a woman, with dark hair gathered and put up at the neck. She had a long dress with long sleeves and a high neck. Only Her face and hands were visible – the right hand and side of Her face looked pale, but normal, while the left hand and side of Her face had the darkened, shrunk look of a frozen corpse.
It was Hel come for a surprise visit. I wasn’t scared any more, then.
I have seen Her a couple of times in lucid dreams before, but not when I was half awake. I wasn’t seeing Her with my physical eyes, and I couldn’t see Her clearly. She was also a bit transparent.
Hel sat down on the edge of my bed and looked down on me. She seemed weightless when she sat down, yet I could feel Her body where it touched mine.
“Open your eyes,” She said.
It’s really hard to open your eyes when you’re only half awake, but after a bit of struggling, I managed. I didn’t see anything, nor had I really expected to, since I can’t see Loki either.
I closed my eyes, and after a few seconds I had sunk deep enough so I could see Hel again.
“Open your eyes,” She said again.
I asked Her if She meant my physical eyes or psychic/spiritual/whatever, but She didn’t answer.
So, I opened my eyes again, and again nothing.
After that I fell asleep and had some absurd dreams.

I’m not sure what this was about.

About Amber Drake

AKA Darkamber.
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