Lady in reeeed…

Loki: “Do wear a little red for your husband, please? I would like you in red and black.”

Me: Okey-dokey

I heft my daylight-simulator maglite onto my shoulder and open the door to my wardrobe. Even with this much light I still can’t see into the deep blackness at the back. That’s a goth’s wardrobe for you…
Lemme see… Anything red in here… This — mmmno, that’s burgundy… This then? Nope, lilac-ish (dark cerise??)…
Damn, not a single red piece of clothing at all!
Guess that means I’ll have to go shopping, then…

Loki didn’t ask me to wear red for Him just for the sake of style; red and black are His colours, and wearing them are a way of marking me as His. A sign that says: “Hands off, this one is Mine”.


About Amber Drake

AKA Darkamber.
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2 Responses to Lady in reeeed…

  1. *Giggle* He does love his ladies in red, doesn’t he?

  2. Darkamber says:

    Heh, yeah.
    It’s interesting, I’ve seen red, orange and gold mentioned as Loki’s colours, but I’ve seen Him wear black a couple of times, and silver jewellery.

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