God of Random Comments

Loki sometimes makes random comments that seem completely unrelated to anything that has been said earlier. Sometimes the comments just seem to be random, and sometimes they are. Telling the difference however, aren’t always easy, which is why I keep a private, old-fashioned journal where I write down things Loki has done or said.

So, Loki visited me in my dreams last night. We were walking along a road near my grandparents’ house. I think we were talking about the wedding in November.
Then Loki says: “And when we’re married, you have to shave off your eyebrows.”
“Do what with my what now?! Why??”
“It will show that you’re married, so no-one will dare bother or attack you.” Complete straight-faced and honest look.
“Oookay…” I say, thinking He’s pulling my leg. “But I won’t have to do that on my own plane, yeah?”
“Oh, all my wives shave their eyebrows off,” Loki answers. Still straight-faced..
“Yeah, right! They must all be very, very good at drawing eyebrows on, then…”

Now, it’s very rare that Loki is just silly, which makes me wonder if there’s something unpleasant ahead of me…

By “something unpleasant” I don’t mean thinking I have to shave off my eyebrows. ^_^
I was thinking about how another Loki-wife said that Loki sometimes joked about before He had to do something unpleasant.
I was told in a dream a while back that there was something in my subconscious that I wasn’t ready to face yet.
There was something later in this dream though that I wonder about, if it was a hint…


About Amber Drake

AKA Darkamber.
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3 Responses to God of Random Comments

  1. Hmm sounds like he’s just messing with you, considering that the wives I’ve met of his in person had eyebrows.

  2. Last time I checked, both of my eyebrows were still intact. I’m tempted to hide my razor, though, just in case Loki gets any ideas about that. 😛

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