Loki look-alike

Loki look-alike

This is amazingly alike (face and hair colour) to how Loki appeared in the last dream where I could see His face clearly.
The Loki I saw had shorter hair; about an inch above His shoulders. He has never appeared with longer hair, probably because my fetish love of long hair would distract me from hearing anything He wanted to tell me… ^_^


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AKA Darkamber.
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4 Responses to Loki look-alike

  1. Indeed it does look like him! You know, he also doesn’t usually show up to me with longer hair either even though I have a fetish for long haired men. It’s usually chin length that I see him in.

  2. acaciah says:

    I get Him with really loooooong red hair…cause I think He knows I’ll sit in His lap and play with it. LOL.

  3. ainevethe says:

    wow this is insane, this is the same colour hair I get, and mine brushes his collarbones in spots, but its kind of not all one length and kind of tousled. This is really close, from what I can see of it anyway. Close enough to be very cool 🙂 (and yes, I am going through your archives searching for your bowl post! lol)

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