Post-Reiki weirdness?

Went to my second Reiki healing session on Friday.
Now I have physical aches and pains – the same kind I’ve had for years, only they’re mirrored.
My right knee suddenly started to ache, as if I had twisted it. I damaged my left knee in 2005, which was also one of the worst years of my life.
I’ve had a left-sided migraine attack – it’s always on the right, normally. The last time I can remember having a left-sided migraine attack was in 1983/84, which wasn’t a good time either.
My left shoulder is aching – it’s usually my right shoulder that aches due to tense muscles, typical stress symptom. The last time I can remember my left shoulder aching, was during the last year I spent at “The Workplace From Hell”.
I also have this unpleasant tightness around my solar plexus. It feels like something – a blockage? – waiting/wanting to be released. I don’t know what this relates to. Loki has told me in dreams that there’s something deep down in my subconscious that I wasn’t ready to face yet. Could it be related to this? I have no clue about what it might be about. I’m not worried or scared. I feel that whatever it is, it has to be faced if I am to continue to grow on a spiritual and personal level.


About Amber Drake

AKA Darkamber.
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