“Surprise” tarot spread

I was going to do a quick three card tarot spread and ask Loki if He could give me an inkling of what kind of Work He’s preparing me for.

I started to shuffle the cards, and before I had formed my question out loud, a card almost popped out of the deck. Hm, I thought, maybe I’ll just go with this one as the main card, and see where this goes. I shuffled a bit more and got a reversed card on top. Okay, I guess that’s card number two then. More shuffling, splitting the deck and taking the card on the top of the second stack.
In the three card spread I’m using, the first card is the major one, and the two others additional info or clarification.

Two Disks

Five Swords – Reversed

Knight of Wands

My interpretation:

Two of Disks
Twos are in the first cycle of three in the minor arcana, which is the conceptual level. Twos means affirming something that has been conceived and articulated.
Disks indicates the physical level; the external reality. Disks belong to the earth element and are therefore related to the Princess (Pages) cards. The Princess cards are about growing and a new stage.
The Ouroboros symbolises cycles (funnily enough, the serpent biting it’s tail is also Jourmundgandr).
This card is called “Change”. To me it symbolises change on more than just a physical, external level.

Five of Swords (Reversed)
Fives are in the second cycle of three, the actualized level, and means adjusting something that has been manifested. Swords indicates the mental level of consciousness. Swords belong to the air element and are related to the Knight (Princes) cards, which are about change, movement and action.
This card is called “Defeat”, which I interpret as fear of defeat. Since it is reversed, I interpret it as grabbing hold of fears and dealing with them; taking action instead of being stuck in negative thought patterns.

Knight of Wands
Knights are in the fourth cycle of three, the fulfilled level, and means focusing something that has reached it’s full potential and maturity.
Wands indicates the spiritual level and are connected to the fire element.
This, according to my favourite tarot book*, is “The Spiritual Revolutionary”.

I find this part about the card interesting: “[…] an indication of evolution and change at a deep core level; old perceptions are being shed and any blocks or obstacles are being burned out in order for there to be new, extended insight and spiritual birth.”
This is part of what Loki is about.

This “surprise” reading is very accurate when it comes to what’s going on currently.
Change and adjustment on more than one level.
Old fears and issues resurfacing from my subconscious – some of them I actually thought I had dealt with, but it seems I’ve just repressed them instead.
Fear of abandonment, of not being loved, of being emotionally betrayed and hurt, of not being good enough or nothing I do being good enough.
Damn, I have a lot more issues than I thought!
Loki is more effective than half a decade in therapy…

*“The Tarot Handbook – Practical Applications Of Ancient Symbols” – Angeles Arrien


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2 Responses to “Surprise” tarot spread

  1. acaciah says:

    “Loki is more effective than half a decade in therapy…”

    • darkamber says:

      A deity who knows you better than you do yourself is sometimes a blessing, but sometimes it doesn’t seem like it, when He knows exactly what your vulnerabilities are and which buttons to press.
      He’s not called the Bastard without reason…

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