Ch-ch-ch-changes! – Or: On opening up spiritually

I began to meditate each day about a month ago.

About two weeks later, I heard Loki for the first time while I was awake. It was only twice during the day, and only three words, but it was a precious breakthrough to me.

I had intended to write more about how things became after I became Loki's wife, but my mind's too muddled.

I've begun going to this lay who does healing and reiki healing (I have no idea what the difference is…). My first session was Thursday a week ago.
It was interesting. She had very warm hands. I didn't really notice anything while she was doing her stuff, but afterwards I felt a heavy pressure in my head, especially on the sides. She held her hand on my forehead and said that the 6th chakra (the third eye) was warm, and that such pressure is common when you're awakening your third eye. Something about the pineal gland being stimulated.*

On Sunday evening I suddenly had this weird hot flash, and wondered if it was a sign of menopause beginning to set in already. I didn't feel very well; felt suddenly tired and had to lie down.
Since Monday I've had unusal headaches – pressure on the left side a few days, then the right side, then the left again – also sudden tingling. There's pressure on the back of my skull. Now I notice pressure on my forehead/brow. 
I've been feeling very tired, so I've slept a lot. And there's an annoying soft "shhhh" sound in my ears, like I'm constantly hearing my blood rushing.

I talked to Bridget about this; if she knew about any physical symptoms of awakening the third eye and opening up spiritually. She told me that Loki had actually worked on her and another Lokean, adjusting stuff, and that this seemed to be what was going on with me currently. She got confirmation either from Himself or from a rune-casting, I think. Yeah, my thinking and memory's been muddled this week.

Oh, before I talked to Bridget, I did a couple of simple Tarot readings, asking Loki what was going on.
What I got from it was that it was some "mystical" stuff going on beyond my control (major arcana represents forces you can't control), and that there was something interfering that I needed to get rid of on a mental level. The second reading seemed to indicate someting oppressed/repressed on a spiritual level, and that Sigyn might help me with this. Loki seemed to be ok with me turning to Her, so I asked Her if She could help me.

It's interesting – last night I had a nightmare in which issues from more than 30 years ago came up.
Seems like meditation and healing and Loki adjusting (whatever it is – energy flows??) is bringing gunk up from my subconscious.

I've been reading a bit about physical signs and symptoms of opening up and healing today. It's interesting reading; I'm experiencing a lot of it. One example is when the pressure was really heavy on the left side of my head, it affected the flow of my thinking and speech, muddling it and making it slower, and muddling my memory.

Uhm, there's probably more I could write about, but I can't think of any…
Any questions? 🙂

*This alwyas makes me think about the horror movie "From Beyond"… ^_^

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2 Responses to Ch-ch-ch-changes! – Or: On opening up spiritually

  1. First response
    I followed you here from the Northern Tradition Form and from what I’ve read so far I have to say thank you for sharing your experiences, I never tire of reading what others have to say. Particularly this post (so far)
    My first response was “How great! Congratulations!” I know it feels painful right now but I look forward to the day when I can open up and clear some of my thicker filters. And if Loki is responsible it is with be out of your control, possibly painful, and very very worth it.
    Again thanks for sharing your Journal and this post.

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