Communicating with Loki

After some weeks of meditation I’m beginning to be able to “hear” Loki when I’m awake, sometimes.
I thought I would hear Him as a clear, distinct voice in my head, like a couple of voices I’ve heard a couple of times that I think might’ve been some of my foremothers.
Instead it’s a very quiet voice, easily missed if I don’t pay attention, or my head is too full of brain-chatter.
It’s a blend of a voice with words, feelings, and sometimes a flash of an image. Sometimes it’s more a feeling than a concrete word. Sometimes it’s an image. Sometimes it’s a line from a song. Loki loves music, and if you know lots of song lyrics, that’s a way He can communicate.

Last night as I talked to Loki before falling asleep, we had a brief conversation that in just words went like this:
Loki: I want you to go to KappAhl tomorrow.
Me: What? To KappAhl??
Loki: Mhm, and you have to be there at 6 pm.
Me: Is it even open that late… Oh, wait, the one in Oslo City shopping centre is. what on earth do you want me to go there for, though?
Loki: [static] wedding dress
Me: You want me to look for a wedding dress at KappAhl? I thought you said you wanted us to be married Elsewhere the second time; I can’t bring a dress with me! This isn’t making any sense… Oh, well, whatever… If you want me to go, I’ll go.

Today I decided that maybe I should try to take the tube down to the city centre. I haven’t been able to take public transport since before Yule, due to anxiety issues. So, I asked Loki if He could walk with me, and hold my arm or something.
And I managed to go outside and take the tube! For the first time in a year, or more! 😀

So, there I was at KappAhl, at 6 pm.
Nothing happened. Nothing screamed “wedding dress”.
Oh, I see what you did there, I told Loki. This was a) a trick to get my to actually leave my flat in the evening and go further than the local shop, b) get me to take the tube and c) you really want me to get that waffle iron I looked at on Thursday, don’t you, so I can make you heart-shaped waffles…
*feeling of satisfied smugness*

While getting the waffle iron I also looked at kitchen stuff to see if I found anything useful.
Getting comments, sometimes with images, from Loki on the improper use of kitchen equipment as sex-toys is quite amusing. If anyone had happened to look at me, they’d have wondered why I was making such weird faces; I was trying not to cackle out loud a few times.

So, now we have a waffle iron, and Loki is going to get heart-shaped waffles made from scratch, with strawberry jam.


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2 Responses to Communicating with Loki

  1. acaciah says:

    He’s done that to me too though, especially in the Target that I shop at frequently. I know some of the people that work there, Flame-Hair, I cannot be laughing randomly!
    He doesn’t care, of course.

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