So, I went on a date with Loki, my invisible, mute husband.
It was a bit odd, but nice.

I first bought some roses and went to Domkirka, the church by the main street where people are still leaving flowers and candles and cards/notes in memory of all those who was murdered in the bombing, and the shootings on Utøya island. I wanted to do my little bit to honour the dead.

Then I went to Fyrtårnet, a small pub on Youngstorget market square. It was nice weather, so I could sit outside and do some people watching, which is always interesting.
I definitely felt a presence on the chair beside me.
I ordered food and invited Loki to share it with me.
While waiting for dessert and coffee, it got a little cold, so I asked Loki: "Hey, think you can warm me up a bit?" And I felt warm air surround me, as if a heat lamp had been turned on nearby!

After dinner I decided to see if I could find a rune stone necklace, with either Dagaz or Kenaz on it. I thought the tourist shops might have rune stone necklaces, which they did.
While walking around, I had this faint sensation in my right hand – like a faint, slightly tingling touch – and I had this image of Loki walking beside me holding my hand.
I went to a handful of shops, and found one Kenaz necklace. I also found the Urnes snake pendant that Loki likes.

I hope Loki liked the date.


About Amber Drake

AKA Darkamber.
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