Loki wants to go on dates.
First I was like: “Go on dates? But we’re already married!”
Then (with a little input from another god-spouse) I understood that what he wants is for me to spend some time with Him, on this plane, and not just wait to meet Him in the dreamlands.
I’ve put a note on His altar with an invitation for a date on Thursday afternoon.

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9 Responses to Date

  1. leeneh says:

    Apropos that unhanged (but apparently well hung…) husband of yours – do you happen to know what the frick Annbjørg Lien is singing on her song “Loki”? I suspect I am “hjalmaring” something horrible myself…
    Have fun tomorrow, then!

    • darkamber says:

      I can’t even make out what language it’s supposed to be…
      Maybe she’s chanting rune names??

      • leeneh says:

        Doesn’t sound like any runes I know.
        How did the date go, then?

        • darkamber says:

          The date seemed to go well.
          I felt a presence on the chair beside me, when I were at the pub and had dinner.
          I walked around a bit looking for rune necklaces afterwards, and I kept getting the image of Loki walking beside me, holding my hand. I felt a faint tingling, a very light touch in my hand.
          I’m still struggling with the “is this real or am I just imagining it”, but I guess I’ll just have to trust my intuitions and feelings.

          • leeneh says:

            Did you find any necklace?
            Did I just dream that you were given two runes in dreams? I have browsed back a bit in your journal, but couldn’t find where you mentioned it. I got two rumes in dreams, as well. Not sure by whom and what for, though. It was many years ago, and it was so eerie seeing that it happened to you, too. Unless I dreamt it!
            Edit: Oh, and I just wanted to add that I am in a perpetual “is this real or am I just imagining it”, and that I tend to just drop the unusual experience after musing a bit about it. A bit like with regular dreams – which I worked with for years without getting anywhere, so I gave up trying. You are very courageous to dive into it the way you do.

            • darkamber says:

              Yes, I found one necklace with the Kenaz rune, which is also connected to Loki.
              Another Lokean godspouse suggested two runes I could meditate on, to aid me in opening up to Loki and my ancestors; Dagaz and Berkana. (I wrote about it in the most recent post.)
              You are very courageous to dive into it the way you do.
              Oh! Thank you! 🙂 I hadn’t thought about it as something courageous.

              • leeneh says:

                Kenaz – is that kaun? (I have been taught a Danish-Norwegian 16-rune futhark in Norwegian, and have little knowledge of – or interest in, to be honest – the partly “reconstructed” 24-rune older futhark and its archaic names.)
                Ah, right! I wasn’t sure – I seem to have mixed your dream experiences up with my own way of receiving the runes somehow, and it made me remember what you wrote wrong (because you got two and I got two, maybe)!
                It is very courageous – I am refusing any “come ons” because I know the work will require way more involvement and dicipline than I am capable of.

  2. acaciah says:

    How did the date with Hot Stuff go? Well, I hope. 😀

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