So, I have now become a god-spouse. I performed the wedding ceremony on the 25th of June.

On the morning of Friday the 17th of June, Loki suddenly popped up and asked if we could get married next week. This was perfectly fine by me, as I’d made up my mind about marrying Him months ago, and was almost finished with my preparations for the wedding ceremony already. For all I know, it was Loki who had been subtly prodding me into getting ready this early on. 🙂

I’d bought things to wear especially for the wedding, like a necklace with a heart pendant, and some new items for the altar, like a heart shaped glass box which could fit three tea candles, red tea candles, and a heart shaped box with a smaller box inside, which I thought would be nice to put the ring I had got for Loki in.

I hadn’t written down my vows, but written down a handful of key notes about what I wanted to say and run through what I wanted to say in my head. Just winging it would make it more heart-felt, even with some stumbling, I felt.

I made a meal for us, almost from scratch, something I can’t even remember the last time I did. (Loki seemed to appreciate the effort, considering the comment He made during a later meeting.)
I made the ceremony rather simple, since I’m not a fan of long, elaborate, formal rituals.

I must say that it was a bit weird performing a wedding ceremony for myself and an invisible husband who I can’t hear nor sense when I’m awake.
I hope He was present at His wedding. ^_^


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One Response to Wedding

  1. acaciah says:

    I”m sure he showed up for the wedding!

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