Loki the healer – and my first shared personal gnosis

Loki doesn’t like it when someone he cares about is in physical pain; He wants to help.

Twice now when I’ve got my period + cramps early in the morning, He’s come and laid down and put His hand on my tummy, and the pain has gone away! For someone who sometimes has crippling period cramps, that is bloody awesome.
Then there was a case of aggravating PMS-related lower back pain, and I just casually said to Loki: “Are you any good with a back massage? My back really hurts.” The next morning I half awoke and noticed fingers being pressed into my lower back. I got the image of Loki sitting cross-legged beside me, pressing and slowly rotating His thumbs on certain points on the lower half on my back. I fell asleep again, and when I awoke, the pain was gone, and it didn’t return (I can sometime have back pain for about a week before I get my period).

I had no idea that deities could interact with your physical body like that!

Out of curiosity, I googled acupressure, and discovered that the points Loki had pressed on corresponded with points used to deal with lower back pain.

I mentioned this in a chat with another Lokean, and she had had exactly the same experience!
So this was a shared personal gnosis. Cool!


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AKA Darkamber.
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