Loki – Lugh

Is there a connection between Loki and Lugh? Some scholars think so, others don’t.
I think there might be, due to a bit of personal gnosis I got during the weekend.

Loki visited me in my dreams on Friday night. He mentioned that this weekend there was a special occasion, which He seemed to want me to do a bit more extra out of. When I asked Him what kind of occasion this was, He seemed a bit miffed that I didn’t know. Of course He couldn’t just tell me straight out…
Me, being a newbie pagan, have no idea what kind of holy days or special occasions there are in the Northern
Tradition (I’m rather clueless about the Christian special days, too) – except for Yule, and well, I think Yule used to be celebrated earlier in pre-Christian times.

Anyways, when I awoke, I googled, and discovered that Sunday was Lughnasadh Eve, a fire festival. So, Loki wanted me to celebrate a bit extra on Lughnasadh? Interesting.

I lit several candles on Loki’s altar, and also some strawberry incense. It looked quite nice with all the candles.
Loki got a lollipop and an energy drink all to Himself. I had a taco pie with extra chilli spice for dinner, which I invited Loki to share with me.

It seems that Loki quite likes to share food and drink with me, so He has a standing invitation to do so whenever He wants to.


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  2. ainevethe says:

    I have a heavy UPG that connects the two, although as of yet I don’t know the extent of the connection. In my brain, they have very different yet similar presentations, and I have been led to believe through meditations and “conversations” with them that they are aspects of the same although beyond that I have been kindly informed to think for myself. LOL The Lugh aspect, in my world atm, is very warrior like, very bright (he shines!!) and carries something (a shield?) over his heart. He is a handsome guy, blonde, good looking, but rather severe. A protector. The Loki aspect talks more (ha!!!) and is the more “human” of the two. And despite appearing different, I DO get that they are related at the very least, somehow! I was happy to come across someone with a similar viewpoint!!! They also have the symbolism as mistletoe in common I found while desperately searching for non-UPG links 🙂

    • Darkamber says:

      This is very interesting. I sometimes wonder if the Lugh is Loki visiting Britain. ^_^
      Lughnasadh is the first of the harvest festivals, and one of Loki’s aspects is as a harvest god. It’s symbolised by the story of Him cutting off Sif’s hair and Sif is a corn (wheat?) goddess. After the harvesting, they used to burn the stubble of the stalks in the fields, to get rid of bugs and diseases for the next sowing season.

      It’s interesting that you see the Lugh aspect as blonde and severe. In the beginning I got a handsome, blond, often serious, sometimes protective Loki visiting my dreams. I’ve seen Him more often as blond or ginger than as red or flame-haired.

      Have you read my UPG on holding the bowl for Sigyn?
      It’s interesting that you see Lugh with a shield over His heart.

      Do you have a blog?

      • ainevethe says:

        I don’t have a blog, no…yet 🙂 I’ve been horribly busy with school lately but I am almost done so will consider it in the near future though. Things tend to seem more solid when I write them down, otherwise even the best of thoughts seem to fade into the ether….

        I haven’t yet located your bowl post, but i am lazily searching through your blog so will find it I am sure.

        Shield: You actually gave me a moment where I was thinking in my head, well I don’t know that it WAS a shield but he was warrior like in energy and quite protective in aura but as the glow was so strong I couldn’t see the details horrible much,, but either his heart, or this round object is very very bright I guess, but it’s definitely roundish….and then you said bowl and I literally froze and went….wait a second….bowls are round….. and then I sort of panicked like a deer in headlights wondering if this was fear, a ridiculous notion or some sort of epiphany. *laughs* One thing I *do* know now, is, that at least for me in my very heavy UPG….the two are connected. Who knows, maybe once when cast out of Asgard Loki did some travelling. 🙂 I rarely get a funny joking Loki/Lugh (now I am confused as to who is what and what is who?!) mine is very protective, warrior like, definitely kind, knowledgeable and sometimes more down to earth than at others. My first achknowledgement of lugh though was a very serious warrior-protector like “I’m on duty” kind of attitude. It hasn’t always been this way, but that was a very powerful first impression. For me, the two are somehow entwined. Not sure how or why yet. 🙂

        Sorry so long winded, but while I am here, I am really enjoying your blog. 🙂

        • Darkamber says:

          I find your UPG of Loki/Lugh really fascinating.
          I rarely get funny joking Loki when I interact with Him in my dreams, or when I hear Him. He’s usually serious with me, no matter what form He takes.
          In my UPG, Loki did a lot of travelling, with Odin, then Thor (I imagine after Odin became King), and also on His own, out of curiosity and wanting to learn different sorts of magick. He has according to shared personal gnosis contacts in many different pantheons. Maybe He even stayed long enough in other Gods’ Domains to become a “guest God” and get a name of His own? 🙂

          The bowl bearing post is here:

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