Music and Marriage

Loki seems to be quite fond of music, and sometimes He chooses to communicate through and with music.
Now, I can’t hear Loki when I’m awake, but I get the occasional gut feeling He wants something, or a thought or an image will pop up in my mind and it seems to come from Him. Sometime a song, or pieces of a song will suddenly pop up in my head, and sometimes it’s Loki-related.

Some time ago I got a couple of pointers that I would be going through a lesson that would bring us closer together. I wondered what this lesson would be about, and were given these pointers:
In a dream, I was lying on my back, and Loki was sitting beside me, looking at me with a serious expression on His face. He put His hand on my throat, the implication that He might effortlessly kill me was clear, and He asked: “Do you trust me?”
I simply answered: “Yes.” I felt no fear, because I do trust Him.
On a side note: before I met Loki, I had thought that a Trickster was someone you couldn’t really trust, but when we met, I discovered to my surprise that He felt familiar, and that I actually trusted Him.

What seemed to be the other pointer was when a line from the refrain from a Depeche Mode song suddenly popped up in my head and ran over and over: “It’s a question of trust”. I hadn’t heard that song in ages, and I couldn’t remember anything of the lyrics except for that line.
So, I guess it’s a lesson in trust, then. From what I’ve heard from others who work with Loki, trust is a big thing with Him. Not a surprise, really, considering the life He had.
I’m thinking that it’s about learning to trust what I’m experiencing, that it’s not just “in my head”, learning to trust in Loki and showing Him that I do. And I’m also thinking that it also might be about Him seeing if He can trust me; that I’m serious about our relationship.
Apropos relationship, and music:
I’m slowly piecing together a simple wedding ceremony.
One of the things I’ve been wondering about is what to wear; it is a special occasion.
So, on Thursday when I was down town, I looked around in a couple of shops and found something special to wear for my Groom and Husband-to-be. ^_^
Now, when I’m in a shopping centre, I never notice the music; it’s just faint, background noise.
So, I go to a fitting room and try the something special on, and just for fun I ask (in my mind): “Hey, Loki, what do you think?”
And suddenly I clearly hear on the shop’s speakers the refrain of Katy Perry’s song “Firework”: “Baby, you’re a firework” something I can never catch “Make ’em go ‘Oh, oh, oh!’ “.  At the same time the image of Katy Perry pops into my head, almost like in the video but with certain differences: she’s standing on the edge of a roof, and fireworks are shooting out of her torso – not from the breastbone as in the video, but from the crotch. Yeah, definitely an euphemism… I guess Loki liked what He saw. LOL!
Apropos getting wed:
Last time I met Loki in my dreams, I managed to remember to ask Him if He was still set on Wednesday the 3rd of August, and why the 3rd?
He said that He still wanted us to marry in August, but that the 3rd had just been a random date He’d picked. He told me that His mum had actually given Him a talking to for picking a day in the middle of the week, and that Laufey thought He should choose a Sunday.
So, I guess this means it’ll be the first Sunday in August, then.
I can’t but find the image of my God getting a talking to by His mum quite hilarious.  ^_^

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One Response to Music and Marriage

  1. The other day, after giving Loki an offering, I suddenly had Britney Spears’s song “Womanizer” pop in my head. XD

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