The Gods are not omniscient…

I was taught in Christianity classes in school that God is all-seeing and all-knowing. He can read your mind like an open book, and He knows everything about you.
I had thought this applied to all Gods; that they knew everything that went on in your mind.
This led to some confusing conversations with Loki.
I’d ask “why are you doing this?” and He would answer: “I thought that was what you preferred” – and I would be completely confused, because it wasn’t, and I thought He knew that.
Or He would ask things like: “I hope you don’t think I’m hanging around too much?” to which I would answer: “No, of course not! Quite the opposite!” – and again I would be confused, because I thought He knew that.
Then it began to dawn on me that He didn’t know everything that went on in my head. He knew what He had observed about me, and what I had told Him, but not every thought.

The Gods aren’t all-knowing… Huh! No-one is perfect, not even the Gods. Thinking about this in relation to Loki – well, it certainly makes sense of the confusing conversations. Knowing my divine heart-friend is flawed, too, makes me feel closer to Him.

About Amber Drake

AKA Darkamber.
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7 Responses to The Gods are not omniscient…

  1. wright22742 says:

    I really like the idea of gods not knowing my thoughts.
    I wouldn’t want to disturb anyone.

  2. magenter says:

    Hey, mind if I add you? I came over here from and am very interested in reading your thoughts on Loki =)

  3. We had this discussion the other day. I never liked the idea of a god who was omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient. It just doesn’t sit well.
    Besides, if Loki knew what I was thinking half the time, I’m sure he’d have harsher words than calling me a ‘pain in the ass.’

    • darkamber says:

      I think what also contributed to the confusion, was that Loki knew my thoughts when I said my chatty prayers to Him; I never said prayers out loud.
      So, deities can hear your prayers to them, even when you just say them in your mind, but they can’t just rummage around and see what goes on in there, yeah?

  4. ka_atis says:

    imo the idea with the “all-knowing god” originates from a “my god is better than your god” attitude, which can come in pretty handy on a missionary trip. If I remember correctly from history lessons back then, this argument was indeed used when Norway got christianized back then – “look, while you are just worshipping some piece of wood, our god is everywhere and all-powerful” :-/

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