Rings and things…

Loki is definitely back – or active again, i should say.

I’ve been thinking about what kind of ring to get Loki for the wedding ritual, then – while browsing the website where they have custom made rune rings – I came across some lovely claddagh rings. So, I thought that might be a good idea. You could get the rings with different gems in the heart, and I thought garnet is a stone that would fit Loki. Then I thought that it would be nicer if the garnet stone were heart-shaped, so I went to eBay and searched around, and found exactly the kind of ring I wanted.
Now, those custom made rune rings are rather expensive, and I needed to figure out my ring size. I tried an online size convesion thing, but the UK sizes didn’t match the size of my finger (compared to other rings I have), so I didn’t know what the US size should be. The eBay rings weren’t so expensive, though, so I took a chance and ordered a size 7. If it fit I could even use it as a promise ring.
That was the fastest delivery I’ve ever had from the States – I had an amused thought that maybe Loki had a finger in that ^_^ The box was squished, but the ring was fine. I got it Saturday a week ago. I’d read that if you wear it on your left ring finger, with the heart pointing outward, it means you’re engaged, so that’s how I put it on.

On Sunday night Loki visited me in my half-sleep; he was snuggling against my back, as he usually does (who’d have thought a deity could be so fond of snuggling! ^_^). He was holding my left hand and slowly rubbing his thumb over my claddagh ring, as if he was pondering something. Then he took it off, turned it and put it back on, with the heart pointing inward. This means married, or in a serious relationship.
I thought that was quite sweet. 🙂

The next evening, when i did the usual candle lighting on Loki’s altar, I turned the ring around.

Funny thing a fellow Lokean pointed out to me: I’m now in a polyamerous relationship with a deity… ^_^


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