This is your early morning wake up call…

I was pranked by Loki on Friday morning (fitting, since it was April 1st).

I’ve been thinking about how to manage to hear Deity’s voice clearer, trying to still my mind and open up via meditation.

I was between asleep/awake, and I heard him say something. “Can you repeat that?” I asked, “I didn’t quite catch the last couple of words.”
“Hold on, I’ll call you back on another connection,” Loki says.
Huh, I think, the Gods talk to you like via mobile phones?
“Ring, ring, ring!” Loki says, “Can you hear me now?”
“Yeah, I can hear you loud and clear,” I answer.
Then I feel him leaning down increasingly closer to my left ear  (I was lying on my right side), while raising his voice louder and louder, saying:
“ring, ring, ring, ring, ring ring, RING RING RIIIIIIIIING!”
I laugh and try to cover my ear, and say: “I can hear you! Enough already!”
Then I wake up completely.


About Amber Drake

AKA Darkamber.
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