Drawing of Loki


This is the closest I can get, with my drawing skills, to what Loki looked like in one of my dreams
Usually when I see people in my dreams, I can’t see them clearly. If it’s someone I know, my mind fills in the details when I remember the dreams. If it’s someone unfamiliar, I can remember the colour and what kind of clothing they wore, the hairstyle and body and facial shape, but I don’t remember enough details to be able to draw them properly.
In this dream I could see Loki clearly. (He had ash-blonde hair, but that colour was difficult to get right with my selection of colour pencils.)


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4 Responses to Drawing of Loki

  1. leeneh says:

    Freud would have had quite a few things to say about the apparent age differences, I think!
    Anyway, I am reading stuff in the folklore archives at Lund at the moment, and have found several informants (Skåne, Småland – south-western Sweden, at any rate) who talk about Loke as Odin’s “dreng”, and one said that he is the one – or that it’s his work – you see when the rye fields start yellowing.

    • Darkamber says:

      Pfffttt, Freud and his crackpot, sex obsessed theories. 😉
      Loki looked about 20 in this dream.
      He showed a brotherly, friendly side in the dream.
      one said that he is the one – or that it’s his work – you see when the rye fields start yellowing.
      That’s interesting.
      There are some theories about there being an emotional triangle between Loki, Sif and Thor. The symbolism of their story is quite interesting: Sif with her golden hair representing rye/wheat/whatever, and Loki and Thor lightning and thunder. Lightning converts nitrogen in the atmosphere into nitrites, which plants need to make food.
      So, Loki cutting off Sif’s hair, then replacing it with one even more splendid and made of gold, can be seen as symbolism that lightning (and thunder) makes plants produce food, becoming more than they were, more valuable.

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