From Diana L. Paxson’s " Essenstial Ásatrú: Walking the Path of Norse Paganism":

If you do decide to honor Loki, put some humor in it:

There once was a being called Loki
And though some of his dealings were hokey,
When he got in a tangle,
Some solution he’d wangle,
And make everything okey-dokey.

Or you might sing the following verse from the pagan version of "Gimme That Ol’ Time Religion":

Let us all go worship Loki.
He’s the Nordic god of chaos,
Which is why this verse does not rhyme or sync
Or scan or nuthin’.

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AKA Darkamber.
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3 Responses to Quote

  1. I had the displeasure of meeting Diana Paxson at Pagan Spirit Gathering a few years ago. She has some very strange ideas on Ragnarok. Nice woman, we just don’t see eye to eye. Much of at all.

    • Darkamber says:

      I haven’t read much of her book yet, so I don’t know if she mentions her viewes there.
      What strange ideas did she have, in your opinion?

      • I attended a workshop she did on Ragnarok, because I thought: Wow what a wonderful non ‘fluffy’ workshop idea to study. It ended up being a podium for her opinions on how Odin has been recruiting heavily these past years and that by not taking care of the earth, us mortals are aiding the Jotuns in the war. That Global Warming is in a sense… Ragnarök.
        I left the workshop with my jaw agape. Personally, I think it’s rather naive to think that changing incandescent bulbs to florescent and recycling can stop or aid the gods in Ragnarök.

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