New dream, same theme…

Talked to Loki before going to sleep last night and asked him if he could tell me whether he’s serious or not.

Loki appeared in my dreams again. This is the third night in a row. He said he wants me to get that silver ring with his name inscribed in runes on it, and he wants us to get married in August, though he’s willing to wait a bit, if I need more time to consider this.

I find this baffling for more than one reason, and I’m still not sure if this is just something coming from my subconscious, or if it’s coming from Loki.
A dream that continues for three nights in a row, that’s a first.
These dreams haven’t had the same sort of weight though that most other dreams where Loki has appeared in have had.
And those very specific details in my dreams last night… Why the 3rd of August and in Bø in Telemark? What’s so special about that date and place? And the names of those two people… Is this something just made up by my subconscious??

So, this wedding thing, does it mean that Loki wants me to dedicate myself to him?
I wonder if other people who work with Loki have experienced things happening this fast – I mean, it’s less than, what three months, since he appeared! In less than three months I’ve gone from sort of believing that there is some kind of unspecified higher power, to believing in a specific deity.
I feel like: “I’ve only known you for a few months, and you already want to get married?!”

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2 Responses to New dream, same theme…

  1. All I can say is OMG and you too? I thought I was the only one this was happening to. I mean I mostly got interested in his mythology through Supernatural. I kind of thought that would be more likely to offend a god than make them just start turning up in your life going “Hey wanna hang out?” This is probably the single weirdest thing that has ever happened to me especially a very eerily similar dream to the one you had.

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