Is Loki pulling my leg?

I had this dream on Thursday night:
Loki took me to a small isle covered with birches (“leafy isle”, heh, that’s what his mum, Laufey’s name means), in the middle of a large river. He wanted us to exchange vows and rings and get married.
He put a silver ring with a rune inscription on my left ring finger (it said: “Loki”), and said “And I want you to give me a ring back.”
I woke up before I could give Him His ring.
The rings were the same ones I’d just seen on a website, where you could buy custom made rings with runes inscribed.

Last night before going to sleep, I jokingly asked Loki: “So, that dream I had last night, does that mean we’re engaged?”
This is what Loki said in my dream:
“We’re going to be wed on the 3rd of August in Bø (in Telemark). The music festivals are over by then, so Arnstein and G. can attend.”
I couldn’t remember the name of the second person (a woman) when I woke up; it was “Gunn” something, Gunnlaug or Gunnveig, I think.

It wasn’t exactly the answer I had expected…
Is he just pulling my leg, or is he serious??
I guess I’ll have to ask him.


About Amber Drake

AKA Darkamber.
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