Welcome Loki and guest – another dream

After the dream with the three men (gods??) with their “words of advice” about letting Loki in, I spent two days re-reading articles on Tricksters in general and other peoples’ experiences with Loki, and thinking hard about it.
I saw no point in trying to consult other entities or sources, since I’d already received these warnings/advice. It was up to me whether I wanted to let Loki and his guest in, or not. I had to decide for myself.
I thought that the unknown goddess who had arrived with Loki might be his guest, since I had also prayed to Loki before I had that dream; I had asked him if he was my deity, and if not, if he could help me find out who was. Those three men didn’t say anything about this goddess.

So, I decided to let Loki and the goddess in.

Before I went to sleep, I concentrated on visualising that little house from the dream.
It had only one room, I think. On the left was an open kitchen, I remember. There was a daybed on the right side of the room, and a dining/work table at the front and to the right. Since I didn’t turn around in that previous dream, I didn’t notice if there were any furniture behind me (or doors to other rooms).
I visualised a sofa at the back of the room, facing the door; a large table, and two comfy chairs. Then I visualised the table set for three, and loaded with cakes and bowls with candy, a full teapot and a coffee pot, and some bottles of beer and coke. I imagined that I also had lots of foodstuff in the fridge, and in cupboards, in case someone wanted something that wasn’t at the table. I’ve been taught that when you invite guests, it’s custom to offer them something to drink and/or eat; if you don’t, the “peace of the house” will leave with the guests.
Then I visualised opening the door, stepping aside and gesturing into the room, saying “Welcome inside, Loki and guest”.


When I fell asleep, this is what I dreamt (among irrelevant bits that were just dreams):
Loki and a younger woman entered my little house. They sat down in the chairs by the table, and I sat down on the sofa.
I think Loki appeared a bit older and taller than he had the first time he appeared in my dreams. I wasn’t able to see clearly what hair colour he had this time, it seemed orange-red sometimes, but his hair was longer, too. I think  he might’ve been bare-chested. He sprawled in the chair, one foot on the edge of the table, bottle of beer in one hand.
I couldn’t see the goddess clearly, I only got the impression that she was younger than Loki. She wore a long dress with long sleeves. Her skin was quite pale – the typical pale, Scandinavian (and British) at-the-end-of-the-winter skin. She was sitting almost at the edge of her seat, back straight, hands folded in her lap. She seemed like a proper, no nonsense kind of goddess. I don’t think she had anything to eat or drink.

Then I woke halfway up, and felt the presence-in-my-bed – it’s been a while since I’ve felt him. As usual he was lying against my back, and he put an arm around my waist. I was pretty sure this time that it was Loki. I wondered if I should say anything, or if I should wait for him to say something. Then I fell deeper into sleep again.

I was back in my little house, where we were sitting as before.
“Can I get you anything else?” I asked.
“Another beer and brunost,” Loki said.
I got up and went toward the fridge. I saw the goddess lean toward Loki and she said in a low voice: “Dad, why didn’t you say something to her?” I knew she meant when I had been half awake.
“We haven’t got anything to talk about, yet,” Loki said.

That’s the relevant bits of what I remember of last night’s dreams.

So, I still don’t know if Loki is “my” deity or not. It sounded like it won’t be the last time I’ll see him, though.
I still don’t know who that goddess is. Could she be Loki’s daughter Hel? He does have two other daughters, Eisa and Einmyria, who he got with his first wife Glut.
Interesting that Loki said that we don’t have anything to talk about, yet. I wonder exactly what he meant by that – I mean, there are still two answers I haven’t got. Maybe it means I’m not ready for the answers? Still, I thought Loki is supposed to be quite talkative? *scratches head*

On a side note: I find it amusing that Loki wanted brunost – an orange-brown cheese made with cow’s and goat’s milk. (My favourite is Gundbrandsdalsost, which is probably the one I would’ve had in my dream-fridge. Funnily enough, Gudbrandsdalen is a valley close to the mountain area known as Jotunheimen.) Then I thought, maybe there aren’t that many Norwegian Loki friends, so he gets lots of candy and cake, but rarely any brunost? ^_^


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