Dream: 3 warnings about letting Loki in

Last night’s prayer sort of went “to whom it might concern” – deities/the Divine, the universe. I asked who, if any, deity I belonged to – if I belonged to anyone at all – if it was really Loki, if it wasn’t, could someone point me in the right direction or step forward or something?

Then I dreamt this:
I was in a tiny cabin/hut. It was night outside. I was standing in the middle of the room, facing the door.
In front of, and slightly to the right, of me stood a young Asian man (Japanese??). He was facing towards my left, and had a very straight, formal posture. I got the impression he was some kind of herald.
He said something like: “They’re here.” or: “Loki and [?] are here.”. The one with Loki was a goddess, but I can’t remember if it was said who.
So, all I had to do was open the door and invite them in.
The Asian man said something like: “Word of advice: are you really sure you want to let him in? If you do, he’ll be around you a lot, and you will never be able to get rid of him.”
Well, that sounds a bit daunting, I thought, but I have made up my mind.
“Thank you for your advice,” I said politely, and we bowed to each other.

Before I had a chance to move to the door, another man appeared in the room.
(There were two men who appeared after the Asian man, one after the other, but I can’t remember what the third one looked like, except that they were both older men. I can’t remember which of them said what, either.)
This man (or possibly the third) looked like he was in his 60s, perhaps, with a grey beard and grey hair. And for some odd reason he spoke Swedish! I can’t remember ever having had someone speak Swedish in my dreams before. Usually people, me included, speak English.
Both of these older men wanted to give me their advice. I listened politely without saying anything.
These men, too, asked me if I was sure I wanted to let Loki in. They made it sound as if it would be a very dire and dangerous thing to do so. Now you come to warn me and try to make me doubt my decision, when Loki is in my dream and at my door, I thought.
One of them said I should learn to shield and protect myself before I let Loki in. I wondered why he hadn’t come and told me this way earlier, since learning to discipline my mind like that would take a long time.
One of them said I should get my finances in order, and implied that if I let Loki in he would really fuck up and ruin my life.
I politely thanked these two men for their advice, too.
The third man faded away, and I began to walk towards the door.
And then I woke up. That was rather annoying.

I’m trying to figure out what to make of this dream. Who or what were the three men?
When I talk to or interact with my subconscious or aspects of myself, the other me is always female, as far as I can remember.
Why these warnings? Was it some kind of test?


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