I wonder why so many heathens/pagans seem so antagonistic towards Loki, even to the point of hating him??

I’ve been fond of Loki for a long time, and I’ve become even more fond of him since he started to appear increasingly more often in my dreams during the last few months.
It’s interesting that many “see” or imagine Loki with flame-red hair. The Loki in my dreams have dark ash-blonde hair, about shoulder length. I think he has earrings, but I’m not sure. He’s slim and fit, very handsome and clean-shaven (even a bit androgynous), and looks like he’s about 30 (if he was mortal).

From the scenes in my dreams, Loki seems to be the kind of god/person who thinks you should fight your own battles, find your own strength and courage. There are some things you just have to do yourself – other people can’t change you, for you.

I’ve read some pagans’ reactions to Loki – it’s “you’re crazy to attract his attention”, “he’s dangerous”, “he’s an evil monster”.
My gut reaction is: yeah, he’s not exactly Mr. nice and fluffy good guy, but he’s not plain evil. (The influence of Christianity demonized Loki. It made Baldur into a Jesus-like figure, and Loki got the role as the Norse pantheon’s satan.)

I’m very fond of him and very fascinated by him. He just feels right for me.


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